Catalog Advertising Info . . .


Advertising in a show catalog is an excellent way . . . 

  • to pay a tribute to your dog's recent achievements;

  • illustrate a dog related product or service:

  • announce the arrival of a special litter of puppies;

  • remember that special dog or friend that will always be with you in your heart;

  • or possibly a simple welcome, and/or to say good luck to friends, both two-legged and four-legged.

All advertising orders are subject to the sponsoring club's approval and advertising rules.  Please check the Premium List or the sponsoring Club's Newsletter regarding who, where, and when to send the ad copy and photographs, plus payment. 

Ads are subject to editing . . .  if the copy is not clear of intent; . . .  or, if the ad includes too much copy and photograph for the space allowed; . . .  or, if the ad does not comply with the sponsoring club's rules and guidelines.  Unless otherwise instructed, all photos will be cropped to the dog

All catalogs are prepared using Microsoft Windows based computers.  Photos and artwork are scanned and then inserted into the publication for reproduction.  Half tones and negatives will be not be accepted.  The catalogs are then printed in our offices, using black and white or color laser printers.

The catalog page is limited in size.  A few well chosen words and one or two pictures make an attractive advertisement.  Too much copy is often overlooked!

Two page layouts are essentially two separate adjoining pages with margins around each page.  There can be no printing in the center margins.

To avoid errors (handwriting can be an error waiting to happen). . . please type all copy.

 Suggestion . . . prepare the copy in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, save the file as a *.doc file and forward this file on a CD along with a printed copy.  Please use a page set-up to match the catalog page size referred earlier . . . top margin = 1.75", bottom margin = 1.75", left margin = 2", right margin = 2".  By using the actual size, you will have a better perspective of the finished page. 

 If you desire a special font . . . download from your computer to a disc, the "true type" font file, and send with the ad copy  Check your computer's "help" section regarding "exporting fonts".   We will make an effort to match our available fonts with your design.  However, if we do not have the font specified, we reserve the right to substitute.

Because of space limitation . . . two, three or more generation pedigrees will not be accepted. 

Good quality photographs on glossy paper, or jpeg files are recommended. 

If you choose to use a jpeg file . . . use a relatively high resolution.  If you are preparing the file by scanning, use 300 dpi or higher.   Additionally,  don't take the chance of loosing a prized photograph in the mail . . . send the electronic file on a CD . . . keep your original at home..

Do not attach (tape, glue, or staple)  the photo to the page layout.  All photos and artwork will be scanned separate from the copy.  Also, allow for as much margin (extra area around the subject) as possible for cropping, special shaping, and adjustment of image. 

If you are planning multiple pages . . . please identify each page with the appropriate pictures that should be placed on the page. 

If you wish to have your logo inserted into the design . . . send a copy of the original artwork or your call card. 

Any holes, tears, creases, ink or pencil marks, clear tape, etc. over photographs, logos or copy will be reproduced and show up on final copy.

Gold, light green, blue, yellow DO NOT reproduce well.  Dark colors such as red, orange, etc., will reproduce as solid black . . . when being reproduced using black and white . . . however, these color do reproduce well when printed in color.

If you still have questions, please call.  The phone number is listed on the home page.


Revised:  08/12/2015